Complete Bundle – Chef Khepra’s DVD set and Paradise Health Book

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A true educator at heart, Chef Khepra’s 6 part DVD course set begins with the science behind raw food and provides you with his unique tools for success. By the end you’ll be able to not only prepare the delectable recipes included in this video like: bbq “neat” loaf, wild rice, cauliflower nuggets, avocado corn soup, fresh apple pie, and many others, but you’ll be confident to experiment with your own creations.

Paradise Health Book was written to give people looking for higher health according to Nature’s perfect design, SELF HEALING. The body becomes the self healing organism that it was divinely designed to be once the body goes into a fast. The best voluntary fast is one with fresh coconut water. The author outlines how to properly utilize Nature’s Master Cleanser along with the raw food diet as he has shown thousands of health seekers with superior results.

The Complete Bundle serves as a dynamic information powerhouse! Order today!

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