Our Mojo

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 1.04.05 PMOur goal is simple, provide the best food for your priceless body temple. We go the extra mile in our food preparation to bring succulent entre├ęs, luscious salads and side dishes, satisfying desserts, and of course the most refreshing juices. All of our food is live, raw, organic vegetarian fare.

Raw living foods have proven over and over that the Raw Food Diet is the optimal diet for living human beings. We are the only living creatures that bring additional heat to foods for consumption. 99% restaurants will rely on the worst cooking methods, which are deep frying and microwaving, for convenience, speed, and cost. What is convenience for most restaurants will end up inconveniencing your health and vitality. We are dedicated to using the best ingredients, no matter the cost, and the best methods for optimal flavor, textures, and presentation.

A key component to our business is providing fresh juice and coconut water for those looking to fast for healing, maintenance and optimal health. Fasting with the coconut water is second to none. We don’t believe in using carrots or wheatgrass. Carrots are a man created food that you will never find growing wild in nature and wheatgrass is for four legged animals. We can drink chlorophyl from land vegetation as well as sea vegetation combined with the coconut water to provide a true natural blood transfusion via our juice.

We are located at 402 H St NE, so do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the best fare that DC has to offer.

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