The Oldest and Best Medicine for any Disease

Fasting in our information age where we have access to superfoods, super herbs, and other designer natural supplements for healing, maintenance and supplementation, the art of fasting scientifically is by far the most ideal and perfect way for the body to detox and heal from just about any modality known. There are religious fasts where one would abstain from food or drink from sun up to sun down. To fast “scientifically”, it is necessary to abstain from physical food for at least 36 hours. The objective for a scientific fast is to heal and detoxify so therefore, it is critical to use water, coconut water, and fresh fruit and vegetable juices to achieve the desired results.

Very simply just like any other vehicle, whether it be an automobile,juice train, or an aircraft, scheduled maintenance has to happen at some point where the oil is changed, and other flushes happen for optimal operation. In order for this type of maintenance to happen for the human body one has to undergo a fast with fresh juices and water. No matter how clean one’s diet is, rest and rejuvenation of the digestive system is necessary beyond a 24 hour period. Eating protein and fat create buildup in the body. Fat and protein dominant foods are building blocks. There are times to eat building block foods and a time to break from building block foods and cleanse. If a carpenter is constantly building in a workspace it will be very congested. Water is needed to clean a carpenter’s workspace. To keep our systems up and operating at peak efficiency, it is critical to take periodic breaks from food.

When you have your next health challenge, look at your daily food consumption and consider if the food you are eating is creating the problem. It is very likely that it is, therefore, put fasting to the test, take a break from food allowing the digestive system a well deserved rest, and that allows the body to do what it is designed to do, self-heal.